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Additional Pandemic Planning Tools

Municipal Information:

During a pandemic it is not the intention of the provincial government to make changes to the present emergency management system. The emergency management system in place is time tested; therefore it will remain in use and be augmented as required to match the severity of the pandemic. 

The challenges for municipalities during a pandemic will be many and varied; especially should the influenza move from the moderate into severe range. However, they can be grouped under three major headings:
i) maintaining continuity of government;
ii) maintaining essential municipal services; and
iii) responding to emergencies.

To assist municipalities, a template has been developed to help local governments develop their own business continuity plans. The template was developed by members of a municipal government with the assistance of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency.

Municipal Business Continuity Template

For further information on pandemic planning contact the Alberta Emergency Management Agency at:


Alberta Emergency Management Agency
Phone: 780-422-9000
Toll-free in Alberta:
Fax: 780-422-1549

  • Date modified: 2016-02-25