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Course Catalogue

Course Catalogue

Persons with Functional Needs (1/2 day) 
Municipal Elected Officials (1/2 day)  
Emergency Social Services (ESS) Planning (1 or 1.5 days)  
Registration and Inquiry (1/2 day)  
Emergency Public Information (1 day, additional day if required)  
Emergency Coordination Centre (2 day)  
Scribing for Emergency Management (1/2 day)

Community Preparedness:

Personal Disaster Preparedness – The First 72 Hours (2 Hours)

This train-the-trainer workshop prepares municipal participants to conduct sessions on personal disaster preparedness in their municipality. At the end of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of:

  • the importance of  personal disaster preparedness
  • motivational strategies to promote personal preparedness within their community
  • items to include in a personal preparedness kit

At the end of the workshop, participants will be provided with a CD of the presentation, handouts and brochures to facilitate future training sessions.

Training for Ministries within the Government of Alberta

Emergency Management - Orientation Training
Dates: To be determined as necessary.

Purpose/Objective: To orient staff to emergency management in Alberta using formal sessions to ensure a structured and standardized introduction. The sessions will focus on the organizational overviews, the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, operations and procedures, information/communication systems and a Basic Emergency Management Course.

Target Audience: Mandatory for all new Alberta Emergency Management Agency staff, Government of Alberta primary and alternate staff assigned to emergency management and business continuity roles. Additionally these sessions are open to Public Safety Division staff, Directors of Disaster Services and other government staff.

  • Date modified: 2017-01-24