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Foreign Animal Disease Emergency Support Plan

The purpose of the Foreign Animal Disease Emergency Support Plan is to outline how the three levels of government will assist Canadian Food Inspection Agency to eradicate a foreign animal disease outbreak in Alberta. The plan describes how agencies and procedures will assist the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which is the lead department in an incident, to respond to a threat.

The plan has two levels of response. Level 1, the preparation phase, will be initiated when an outbreak is suspected but not yet confirmed. In this level, all involved agencies will be notified and lines of communication established. Operations centres, and facilities and equipment for quarantining areas, restricting movement, and disposing of carcasses will also be set up.

Level 2, the response phase, will be implemented when the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that a foreign animal disease is present. During this level, the infected area is defined, movement is controlled, infected livestock is evaluated and destroyed or disposed of, infected premises are cleaned and disinfected, the origin of the disease is traced, and potential further spread is controlled.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is the lead agency. Other federal and provincial departments involved with livestock and related food production, emergency response departments, and the affected municipalities could be involved.

  • Date modified: 2016-02-25