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Business Continuity Templates

The templates on this page were developed in 2002 and are currently being revised.

The following templates can be inserted wholly or partially, depending on the requirements of the user's plan. The text and layout of the templates are based on the eight-section structure of a business continuity plan, in accordance with Part 2 of the Government of Alberta's Business Continuity Guide.

Name Description of Template
DM's BCP Directive Ministry level directive. Can be adaptable to smaller business units.
Business Continuity Guide

(Updated September 2014)
The AEMA Business Continuity Section developed this guide which incorporates a variety of best practices to assist in the development and maintenance of robust business continuity plans and programs within government departments.
IT Business Continuity Guide  Part 6 of the Government of Alberta Business Continuity Guide to assist in the establishment of professional Information Technology Business Continuity practices for departments and agencies of the Government of Alberta
Management Schedule Proposed BCP Schedule. Adaptable to all organizations.
Risk Assessment Site-specific Risk Assessment Summary. Adaptable to all organizations.
Business Impact Analysis

(Updated Apr 07) 
Detailed summary sheet applicable to individual essential services.
BCP Assumptions General assumptions defining conditions for continuity planning.
Essential Services Example of prioritized list of a Ministry's essential services. Component of the Business Impact Analysis.
Post-Incident Staff Accountability  Procedures for the accounting of all employees.
Communications Plan  Ministry level communications plan. Can be adapted to smaller business units. 
Human Resources Plan  Ministry level HR Plan. Can be adaptable to smaller business units. 
Training and Maintenance  Ministry-level BCP Training and Maintenance Program. Adaptable to smaller business units. 
Exercising and Validation  Ministry-level Exercising and Validation program. Adaptable to smaller business units.
Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist  Checklist for Pandemic Influenza planning.
Lessons Learned and Post-Exercise Report  Captures information about exercise proceedings and lessons learned during the process.  
Disruption Incident Report Form The Disruption Incident Reporting System (DIRS) has been implemented to ensure the timely and accurate reporting of all known disruptions of the Government of Alberta's essential services.

Business Continuity is a dynamic program, and innovations and changes are constantly being made resulting in new information.  The templates on this page are constantly being revised.  Please direct any inquiries or questions regarding the use or content of these templates,to Business Continuity, Alberta Emergency Management Agency, at (780) 422-9000 or e-mail us.

  • Date modified: 2016-04-08

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