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Business Continuity Plan Exercise Templates

Exercising the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your ministry is a key step and an essential part of the Business Continuity Planning process within the Government of Alberta.

The exercise you have chosen to conduct may be planned within your ministry, by your BRP Team, or you may involve resources from Emergency Management Alberta, Business Continuity Programs to provide assistance in the exercise planning process.

To facilitate the exercise process, we have developed a template and a series of progressive exercise examples, we recommend for use in exercising the BCP for your Ministry. These exercises can be easily modified to increase the complexity and scope of the exercise you are planning to conduct.

Access to the templates:

Access to the exercise template or sample exercises may be obtained through the following links, which will provide you with a sample scenario and a sample exercise which will:

  • Exercise Template: Allow you to design and build any type of exercise.
  • Exercise Check-My-List: Validates ALL contact numbers within your BCP as these are essential for the activation of your plan.
  • Exercise Set-Me-Up: Allows for the activation and verification of the operations of your Resumption Operations Centre.
  • Exercise Call-Me-Out: Allows for the activation and verification of the operations of your Alternate Site.
  • Date modified: 2016-04-08

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