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Alberta Pandemic Influenza Plan

Alberta’s Pandemic Influenza Plan 2014 (APIP) was developed together by Alberta Health, Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) and Alberta Health Services (AHS). The provincial plan will guide the response and recovery efforts during a pandemic with an emphasis on how these organizations work together. Pandemic influenza planning and preparedness activities are equally important and are incorporated into all-hazards planning as a continuing part of the emergency management cycle.

The latest version of the Plan can be found on the Alberta Health website here

Alberta Health provides additional helpful information relating to influenza here

Pandemic influenza has the potential to impact a range of essential services if workforces are impacted and higher than normal levels of absenteeism result. Albertans can better face such disruptions by ensuring they have a high level of personal emergency preparedness, and are ready and equipped to look after themselves and their family for up to 72 hours.  The federal and provincial governments have jointly prepared a guide which will help families plan and prepare for these types of emergency events.  The guide along with additional preparedness information and advice is available here


For more information on pandemic preparedness, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada's website

The Building Owners and Managers Association has developed a pandemic guide for owners and operators of office and multi-use buildings, it is available here

Alberta Employment and Immigration - Workplace Health and Safety has released a Best Practice Guideline for Workplace Health & Safety During Pandemic Influenza.  This document provides excellent guidance on what employers and employees need to know to be safe at work during a pandemic. View the guideline here

  • Date modified: 2016-02-29